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Jewish wigs

 Jewish wigs  Jewish wigs  Jewish wigs  Jewish wigs

Product name: Jewish wigs



C18NC as dialayed was made of Top Quality Mongolian virgin hair made taking 45 working days, if caring carefully, can use 1~2 years, If knowing more, feel free to send mail to us


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HK SHOW-ING HAIR LIMITED is registered in HK in 2014 with the purpose of establishing its own brand.
For being able to supply you high-quality products, we have hired extremely picky material-purchased teams to collect virginal hair which is definitely unprocessed with chemicals and perfect for making wigs. In addition, we have plenty of skilled technicians to supervise the manufacturing process for protecting the hair from being ruined by high temperature and chemicals. Therefore, each perfect wig delivering to you needs to be completed by 10 well-trained workers ........              
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